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We want you to become a franchisee of The Nail barre. Learn more about The Nail barre below to understand our story and our mission.

The Nail barre Story

My name is Lauren Truslow, and I am the creator and founder of The Nail barre. I am a very busy mom of four young children, a wife, and the owner of two barre fitness studios. Each and every day of my life is scheduled and planned, but I am a big proponent of taking time out of the day to recharge the batteries. My routine consists of taking care of my family, working, teaching a barre class and repeat! It has taken me a long time to realize that if you do not take time out of the day for yourself, then you can’t give fully to others. The Nail barre is an extension of taking time out just for you, and creating a lifestyle that yields happiness.

Lauren Truslow - Become a Franchisee of The Nail barre

Our Mission

The Nail barre is about giving every person who walks in the door a little confidence and self-esteem. Pampering yourself through a manicure or pedicure can be so much more than the color of your nail polish. We want our clients to take an hour out of their day to recharge their batteries, pamper themselves and go back to daily life feeling better than they did before they walked in our doors.

Become a Franchisee of The Nail barre

If you want to learn more about opening The Nail barre in a location near you, then let's talk! Take the next step by contacting Lauren Truslow at 803.351.9781 or at