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The Nail barre Story

Years ago, I fulfilled my dream of one day owning my own business. At that time, I was a wife and mother of one, and took on the scary, exhilarating, and ultimately rewarding challenge of opening my first barre fitness studio.

In less than five years, that one barre fitness studio turned into two, and that one child turned into four. In order to make life “work,” each and every day of my life was scheduled and planned, and I was constantly on the go. My routine consisted of taking care of my family, running businesses, teaching a barre class and repeat! During the little free time that I had, I found myself searching for somewhere I could relax and take a little time just for me. Over the years, I struggled to find that place. This was when the idea for The Nail barre was born.

I envisioned a beautiful, clean and welcoming space where people of all stages and from all walks of life could go to recharge their batteries. A place that allows us to showcase that your experience in a nail salon does not have to be rushed, loud, dirty, and unsatisfying. It CAN be better, and you deserve a space where you can take. your. time.

It’s important to realize that if you do not take time out of the day for yourself, then you can’t fully give to others. The Nail barre is an extension of that belief, and my goal is to create a lifestyle that yields happiness - for you, your clients and your staff. The Nail barre is an exciting and fulfilling way to own your own business while also bringing something new, and much needed, to your community.

mission statement

Experience a high end salon with superior services and dedicated client care where you can take. your. time.


Become a Franchisee of The Nail barre

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