Glow Barre


At The Nail barre, we offer express spray tans, meaning you can shower as quickly as 1 hour after your appointment! Our solution also contains a bronzer so you will leave with a sunkissed glow while your tan sets. Please note, we want you to look as bronzed and beachy as possible, but streaking and fading can occur if you do not follow the recommended procedures below! If you have any questions about the do's and don't's, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer them for you!

+ Exfoliate with an oil-free exfoliant
+ Avoid bar soap and oil-based products (especially Dove)
+ Arrive lotion, makeup, deodorant and perfume free (if needed, makeup and deodorant can be removed at the salon)
+ Any other services (waxing, manicures and pedicures) should be performed prior (and inform the tech to avoid using lotion or oil as well!)
+ Wear loose, dark clothes (including underwear) and try to avoid wearing any nylon or Lycra
+ If it is raining, make sure your clothing covers your whole body and bring an umbrella!

+ Your tan will be set after 1 hour, but for a deeper color, we do recommend waiting 3 hours or more before showering, taking a bath or exercising
+ Feel free to rinse off after 1 hour, but do not use soap, shampoo, body wash etc. or shave – water only!
+ Avoid wearing fitted clothing for 4 hours (this includes socks and fitted shoes)
+ Avoid using deodorant, perfume, soap and lotion for 12 hours
+ Avoid shaving for at least 12 hours
+ During your first shower after a spray tan, you will notice some of the bronzer rinsing off – not to worry, this is normal!

+ Use an oil-free lotion twice daily to lock in the color and keep your skin hydrated
+ Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing as it may rub off your tan
+ Avoid chlorine and salt water as it will fade your tan faster
+ Use a fresh razor when shaving as a dull blade will remove your tan
+ Avoid Dove products as they shorten the life of a spray tan
+ Avoid aerosol or oil-based sunscreen and look for waterproof lotion sunscreen instead


How long will my tan last?
If you follow our pre and post spray tan tips, your tan should last 7-9 days.

Is airbrush tanning ok if I'm pregnant or nursing?
We ask that all pregnant and nursing clients consult with your doctor prior to scheduling.

I have had medical issues in the past. Can I still come in?
If you have any issues with allergies, past skincare reactions or a history of fainting or dizziness, please advise your tanning technician prior to the tanning session.

How long does a session take?
15-20 minutes.

Can I exercise after my tan?
We recommend waiting at least 4 hours before exercising, and make sure to rinse off the bronzer before. Keep in mind that excessive sweating will fade your tan faster.

I'm getting married. Should I book a trial run?
Yes! For bridal clients or first timers, we recommend doing a trial run to become comfortable with the process and results.

When should I schedule an appointment before my event?
We suggest tanning two days prior to your event.

How do I make an appointment?
Scheduling is fastest online but you can also call the salon to schedule.

What do I wear during the tan?
Disposable undergarments will be provided to you. Typically women go bare on top and wear only bottoms. Male clients must wear bottoms - no exceptions.

What are your policies?
Please click here to see our cancellation, refund, and membership policies.