Glow Barre


+ Exfoliate prior to spray tan service
+ No bar soap or oil-based products prior to your tan
+ Shave using a disposable razor without moisture strips to avoid streaking.
+ Arrive lotion & perfume free. Makeup can be removed at the salon.
+ Waxing, manicures and pedicures prior


+ Wear loose dark clothes
+ Rinse off bronzer prior to sweating
+ Use an oil-free lotion twice daily


Is airbrush tanning ok if I'm pregnant?
Pregnant or nursing clients - please consult with your doctor prior to scheduling.

What's your medical history?
If you are sick or have been recently sick please reschedule your tanning session. If you have any issues with allergies or past skincare reactions please let your technician know. Clients with a history of fainting or dizziness please advise your tanning technician prior to the tanning session.

How long does a session take?
15-20 minutes

Can I exercise after my tan?
If the tan is for your wedding - NO, as it will cause uneven strap lines and will rapidly fade your tan.

I'm getting married. Should I book a trial run?
Yes! For bridal clients or first timers, we recommend doing a trial run to become comfortable with the process and results.

How do I make an appointment?
Scheduling is fastest online. We recommend scheduling two days prior to weddings or special events with flash photography.

What do I wear during the tan?
Disposable undergarments will be provided to you. Typically women go bare on top and wear only bottoms. Male clients must wear bottoms - no exceptions.

When should I schedule an appointment before my event?
We suggest tanning two days prior to your event. You can also download the Mindbody app to your phone to schedule easily any time.

How long will my tan last?
If you follow our tanning pre & post cares, your tan should last 7-9 days. Tans will fade faster in salt water or chlorine.

What are your policies?
Please click here to see our cancellation, refund, and membership policies.